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1. The use of video recorders or cameras may be permitted provided that the user remains
stationary and unobtrusive. It’s strongly recommended that they only record and photograph
his or her own competitor. The use of flash cameras is prohibited during a performance or

2. The grading system from the Provincial Syllabus will be used.
3. No marks will be announced.
4. Letter grades will appear on the adjudication sheets.
5. Marks and placements will be recorded in the Official Marks Binder for Awards purposes.
6. The NPPAF reserves the right to divide or combine classes.
7. The order of classes may be changed from that of the printed program and without written
8. There is no age limit for adult classes.
9. Selections in local adult classes may be at any level.
10. Taped accompaniments are not allowed, except for classes 02050 & 02051
11. Memorization is not required, but provincial recommendations will be considered only for those
who perform by memory. See the Provincial Syllabus for classes that do not require
memorization at the Provincial Level.
12. Entrants using downloaded music or speech selections must provide proof of purchase or proof
of permission to copy. You may only use a photocopy if you have written permission from the
publisher. Note that many publishers will grant permission for one-time festival use of a
photocopy if you have purchased the book and need a second copy. Please refer to rule #18
and #19 in the Alberta Provincial Syllabus for further clarification of original/published music.

a....Rules Specific to Awards: Awards may be offered to competitors who enter PROVINCIAL
and/or LOCAL classes.
b...Adjudicators’ decisions on all awards are final. Adjudicators have absolute discretion in
this regard and the Festival Committee is in no way responsible for the choices made by
the adjudicators.
c....The recipient is expected to use monetary awards to further his or her musical
d...To be eligible for an award, a SOLO participant should enter in at least TWO solo classes
in the same discipline. Soloists must enter TWO eligible Provincial solo classes in order
to be recommended to the Provincial Festival.
e...To be eligible for an award, a GROUP participant should have performed at least TWO
f...Any resident of Alberta is welcome to participate in the North Peace Performing Arts
Festival, but our awards are limited to competitors who reside in the northwest
quadrant of Alberta.


It is the competitor’s responsibility to know and follow the rules of the Provincial and Local Festival.
Failure to comply with the rules in their entirety may result in cancellation of the competitor’s entry
and forfeiture of awards.

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